HCR's Club Social Fun Run - Tuesday - June 7, 2005: from Pat Miller........

Remember that the fun run on Tuesday, 07Jun (Central Lutheran parking lot at 16th and Chestnut) is a "poker run".

Bring a $5.00 bill for the pot and add a bit of risk to the run.

There will be a three and five mile course so runners and walkers alike can participate.

You'll get a card at the start, a card at one mile, a card at 1.5 miles (where the 3 milers will turn around), a card at mile 2 (mile 4 if you're going 5) and a final card at the finish.

Best hand takes 50% of the pot, 2nd best 30% and 3rd, 20%.

Ties will be settled with a 20 mile bare-foot trail run to be held at a later date.