The Yakima River Canyon Marathon, sponsored by the Hard Core Runners Club of Yakima, is pleased to announce the continuation of the “Team Dolphin Boston Marathon Fund.”  This fund was established by the five children of Bob and Lenore Dolphin in honor of Bob’s 400th marathon/ultra run at the Yakima River Canyon Marathon on March 31, 2007.  A minimum amount of $400.00 will be shared annually by a male and a female runner who have qualified for Boston at the previous year’s YRCM, and preference will be given to those who have never run at Boston.


There is a link to the websites of the Marathon Maniacs, 100 Marathon Club North America, Hard Core Runners Club etc. to publicize this fund and the opportunity it presents for applicants and contributors.


Contributions from supporters are held in a bank savings account under the control of the treasurer of the Yakima River Canyon Marathon and the president of the Hard Core Runners Club.  Members of the YRCM committee will assist these two people in selecting the individuals who will receive the award.  The checks will be presented after the designated winners provide a copy of the confirmation of the race entry indicating registration and acceptance of the next Boston marathon by the Boston Athletic Association.


Criteria for the committee to consider in making the selection:

(1)   Role model, race director, club officer, volunteer etc.

(2)   Someone who had to train hard to qualify

(3)   Have never run a Boston Marathon before


Applications for the Team Dolphin Boston Marathon Award for 2009 are being received.  Come run our race on April 4, 2009, to qualify for Boston and be eligible to apply (until March 8, 2010) for the 2010 awards.


In memory of Bob Dolphin’s 96 year old mother who passed away on June 2, 2008, Bob and Lenore donated $1,000.00 to this fund.  This amount was distributed evenly among the five marathoners who had applied for the award.  The two men and three women who received the award at the pasta meal on April 4, 2008, were: Jim Scheer, Vancouver, WA; Sean Meissner, Sisters, OR; Karin Kupp, Yakima, WA; Kelly Larimer, Ellensburg, WA; Carey Gazis, Ellensburg, WA.