Kudos to Team Dolphin


Having just run my first non-Yakima River Canyon Marathon I now have some much needed perspective. During our race in Olympia on 15May, Camille and I concluded and commented just how well run, organized, supported and directed our own Yakima River Canyon Marathon really is. This is not to take anything away from the fine folks at Capital City who’ve hosted a very nice event but, things like the post-race banquet, the space blankets for the finishers, the gathering of considerable sponsorship, the quality keynote speakers and the wonderful hot showers really make ‘our’ race a standout. Small wonder it has received so many favorable accolades from around the running world. Bob and Lenore’s considerable experience both from a director and participant’s standpoint give them a real one-two punch when it comes to incorporating the subtleties that really add to the experience. They and the team they have put together really deserve a big “Thank You”. We are fortunate to have them in our club and as part of the running community in general.

Thank you!

Pat Miller  & Camille Rimmer